A Video Library of Projects and Performances from Tiffany “hanan” Madera. 

Tiffany Madera, Founder and Director of Hanan Arts and Havana Habibi, has created a special expression of gratitude to all of her supporters over the years. As we continue our commitment to empowering women and girls in Miami, Cuba, and beyond, Madera offers her thanks to those who have made this journey possible.
We all want to see more of hanan's performances - here's a solo improvisational performance from a few years ago.
Featuring a conversation about the 2108 version of the documentary Havana Habibi. Speakers for the Belly Dance Roundtable, after the screening, each an integral part of the festival and screening: Meiver De La Cruz, Bozenka, Virginia Mendez, Myriam Eli, Maria Jammal and Najmah Nour.
In October 2018, Havana Habibi celebrated our community with a director's cut of Havana Habibi, a revised edition of the 2016 film with a return to Havana and an update on the continuation of the work being done for women's empowerment through the ancient art of belly dance.
On October 27, 2018 Havana Habibi hosted a film screening and bellydance roundtable with some of Miami's most recognized and lauded members of the bellydance community, to discuss feminism, transnationalism, and women's empowerment through the ancient art of Middle Eastern dance. Part 1 of a 2 part video.

2018 Havana Habibi Festival highlights, from Rootsflix.

Part 2 of an hour long Bellydance Roundtable, hosted at O Cinema in Wynwood, Miami FL on October 27, 2018. To learn more at this project, visit

Havana Habibi Festival Preview, 2016. For more information about Hanan and Havana Habibi Festival, visit

In 2003, Tiffany Madera aka "Hanan," enraged her Cuban family in Miami by getting on a plane to Havana to participate in an artistic exchange that led to the formation of Cuba's first Arabic dance troupe; Grupo Aisha Al-Hanan. The troupe founded by hanan was composed of eight women at the University of Havana's History Department.
Dancing My Mother's Body™ staged by Myra Krien for the feature length show "Mother," performed in Santa Fe, New Mexico 2018.
Solo performance of Dancing My Mother's Body™ by Leila Rose in Myra Krien's theatrical production of "Mother" in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Before there was Havana Habibi, there was Habibi: A Hip Hop Belly Dance Love Battle. A reminder that Hanan Arts is indebted to the many artists, musicians, dancers, and supporters we have had the great fortune to work with over the years.