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Tiffany “hanan” Madera is an  interdisciplinary artist at the intersection of film, dance theatre and ethnographic scholarly writing in concert with her intercultural contemporary dance practice and transnational humanitarian arts entrepreneurship. Encuentro Magazine from Spain describes her as  “a dancer that comes from where one can touch the rooftop of the world.” She is an educator that uniquely juxtaposes activism, social justice, and community engagement with research based and theoretically grounded creative projects. Vis a Vis Magazine describes her as “a woman that uses her talent to change the world.”    

She is renowned internationally as an Egyptian Beledi style performer and admired for her emotive performances that embody the transformative and esoteric multidimensionality of spiritual movement arts rooted in feminist and post colonial theory and Raqs Sharki technique. The Miami Herald described her as “bold and boundary crossing” and writes that “Tiffany Madera’s shimmies, grace and spirit speak to women of all ages.” Her work is confronting and provocative. Her theatrical productions and projects examine topics such as female genital mutilation, gender and domestic violence, human trafficking and structural oppression. The Miami New Times stated that “Hanan is an accomplished dancer, [that] uses the art for social commentary, usually with a feminist bent.”

Hanan created the “Bellydance Cuba” project in 2002 and has produced the documentary film Havana Habibi, directed by Joshua Bee Alafia, which documents a 13 year process working in Havana, Cuba. Hanan is currently working on an ethnographic memoir, dance and multi media project “Dancing My Mother’s Body” as well as curating contemporary art exhibitions, festivals and dance projects internationally. She is committed to working with the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. She tours with Havana Habibi and enjoys public speaking, academic conferences and thinktanks. She is the winner of various prestigious grants and awards including a $100,000 Knight Arts Challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and a $100, 000 matching grant from the Ware Foundation. Tiffany Madera holds a Master’s Degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University and a Master’s Degree in Performance Studies from New York University Tisch School of the Arts. She directs Hanan Arts Inc, Mideastern Dance Exchange, 501c3 and produces, performs and teaches around the world. 

Madera’s shimmies, grace, and spirit speak to women of all ages.
— The Miami Herald

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